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GoldMap 1.6

GoldMap is map editor for Pokemon Gold and Silver gameboy games. Here's the latest and best GoldMap ever! ^^

So, what's new in 1.6?

  • GoldMap now loads all info it needs directly from rom! No more ini files needed.
  • Tileset graphics are loaded from rom, thanks to Xeon's decompression code -> no longer tileset dib files needed.
  • Support for new event type "Triggers" (shown as T in event editor). Currently there's no way editing triggers except by moving them around.
  • Support for resizing map "Resize Map" from tools menu. This works best for indoor maps, as they have no connections to other maps. Resizing town and route maps works, but may cause problems with other maps connected to them. Map data size must not exceed 1024 bytes, or else the game crashes. So you can't make 255x255 block sized map. However it's completely safe to resize small maps into 20x40 or 31x31 for example, as map data is automatically repointed to unused area of rom.
  • Map properties window, allows editing map headers. You can change map type, music, border block (finally!), and tileset from visual dropdown menu.
  • Ability to view map in different palettes. From View->Palette you can choose color scheme, this is only cosmetic and affects how goldmap shows map, it doesn't modify map's palette in rom.
  • Map selection dropdown lists removed. Now you can select any map in rom from tree view, categoriezed either by area or map bank from View menu.
  • Warp properties have now button for opening map where warp points to.
download (710 kb, sources included)

GoldMap 1.5

After a very long period I finally decided to make new version of GoldMap. This release fixes many problems related to performance and resource usage. Previous public version 1.41, released in 2001 had so bad bugs that I simply couldn't stand leaving it that way. I might make more releases in future, but not promising anything. If next version will be released, it will read all data it needs (map locations, event locations, pokemon data) directly from rom without requiring bunch of ini files. And perhaps even the tileset graphics, Xeon have been doing good work with graphics decompression.

What's new in 1.5?

  • map, event and block palette are now drawn on-the-fly from tiles without caching images into DirectDraw or DIB surface -> uses much less ram
  • only map parts that are visible on the screen are drawn -> better performance
  • only events that are visible or need to be repainted are drawn -> huge performance increase when dragging events on big maps
  • fixed several illegal memory accesses, several loops were accessing outside arrays bounds...
  • fixed several memory leaks
  • support for loading huge maps thanks to new map engine, maps like 5000x5000 blocks are just a breeze, while old versions would have required huge amounts of ram for it. You can in fact open the whole rom as one enormous map
  • support saving PNG images of Map and Blocks
  • multiple "Try Map" windows can be open at same time
  • memory for map data is now dynamically allocated -> reduces memory usage
  • removed gradient slide effects from dropdown lists and list boxes (looked cool when I was 13)
  • added support fox Windows XP Visual Styles
  • reduced startup time and memory usage by creating forms only when they are needed
  • fixed several spelling mistakes - my English was a bit bad when I was 13 :)
  • added menu hints back to status bar, for some reason I had them removed in 1.41 :|
  • added "Game Tweaks" into Tools menu, it is basically same as "Rom Options" in old versions (at least 1.3 had 'em), but allows up to 255 byte patches to be defined
  • moved "Make All Marts Free" from Tools menu to Game Tweaks
  • moved ability to disable start button menu items into Game Tweaks
  • new about dialog
  • event property boxes wont pop-up when dragging starting to drag event, and they _try_ to stay out of the way
  • a lot more little fixes...
download (785 kb, sources included)

Huh, there's source code too!?

Yeah, I decided to release source code. Feel free to create derivate works from it, as long as you clearly give me credits of my code and make available the sourcecode of derivative programs or programs where you used parts of my code. The new map engine is so good in my opinion, that it would be waste if it was only used in one program. So feel free to use it for creating map editors for other games.

Copyright ©2005 BlueSonic (aka Jigglypuff)
Thanks to Xeon for layout.